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construction 2015

summarizing 2015 good and bad in construction

Wrapping up 2015 Construction

The Good, The Bad, and .. well… mostly the GOOD.

Summarizing the construction year of 2015 can be a bit tricky and long winded, but we will try our best.

To start with the good.  The construction industry seems to be steadily bouncing back.  The economy is on the rise, more slowly in some areas than others, but overall is and is helping the construction industry.  The USDA budget saw an overall increase of over 7% in money spent on the industry and nearly 10% in the profit in the industry.  That may not seem like leaps and bounds to some, but is great to hear.  With all these industries intertwining, and feeding of each other in a circle, you can only imagine the boost other industries saw.

Specifically commercial and residential construction saw a spurt this year.  The significance of this, is that more business are spreading and growing here.  With that, more residential are needed, and eventually more industrial will be needed.

One of the most obvious points is the job market this produces.  Construction labor is a huge workforce in the US, and it is no secret it had been suffering.  This is promising news to all firms from small to large with the hint towards steady increase.  With the ripple effect being endless, from jobs, to local communities, and economies; everyone is excited to see growth in this area as it may postitively affect yours’ soon.


Not as much bad as you think.  Now while many small firms are still trying to get steady on their feet, the number of small firms continues to increase.  Along with a continuous price increase year to year in construction, it seems the market and sustainability will grow to accommodate.  Now price increase isn’t good for the average person, but with the ripple affect this business continues to have, it will surely come back to you in some way.

Regulations and certifications increasing every year for all aspects of construction. While this may be an annoying part of the process for the owner and contractor, it is overall a good thing.  With new standards coming out it ensures longevity in the industry and a more knowledgeable workforce.  It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.


Going GREEN is great.  Touching on those standards that keep expanding, is the ease to use green practices.  With tax breaks, green resources, and cheaper overall costs for going green, more and more companies are turning towards it.  Back to that ripple affect.  Green based professions and industries are on the rise, and are a positive influx on our job market.  Like computers, there is always new fields developing, and our helping our economy.

Not only does going green help us, but obviously it helps our planet.  With more and more people becoming green conscious, our planet is looking to be on the right track more and more.  I


I think we can all look back with positivity and look forward with optimism.