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Construction during winter

What you need to know to get your winter construction started right.

Construction over Winter

Does construction happen over winter ? ? ?

Of course it does.  It happens in many phases…

Preconstruction Planning

This is the perfect time to get the idea mill going.  Many people wait til the end of summer or fall to start planning the process.  Why wait though?  Preliminary planning, blueprints, inspections, and more can be started over the winter to ease the start of the project.  Everyone hates construction delays, which can be caused for many reasons; so take the extra time to try and eliminate as many as possible.

It’s also the perfect time to get your ideas set in stone.  By waiting til the end of the season, people tend to rush to snap decisions just to get their idea settled.  Starting over the winter gives you plenty of time to brainstorm, get a 3D visualization made, and make edits.  You can also discuss the design and process with your contractor as much as needed.  Put your mind at rest for later.

Another important preconstruction step that many skip over is budgeting.  With starting the process early, you can get ahead of your budgeting and any issues that may arise from that.  This can be a tricky part of the construction process, and is a best dealt with by having more time to plan.

Winter Contruction Building 

Building? Yes!.. We said building.  Many automatically think that building can only happen over warm months.  We can put that myth to rest.  As long as weather permits, construction can break ground.  Wouldn’t you rather have that new addition or remodel done so you can enjoy it when the nice weather comes around?  Construction is typically done on the same work day time schedule, so just as much progress can be done during winter as summer days.

Now, there are some exceptions to winter weather permitting new construction, but probably not as many as you think.  Aside from the obvious months and deep freeze time periods to avoid, crews can get started while still cold out.  It is best to sit down and discuss in depth with your contractor all possibilities. Many times foundations, deep framework, along with prep work can be done to easily jump start the progress.  So when the Spring rolls around you can be halfway towards your goal.


Debugging Major Myths

Materials are harmed and therefore weakened during winter construction process.  If snow severely harmed lumber and concrete then wouldn’t rain also?  Materials are treated to stand the elements.  As long as sites ae covered and protected in some aspects, there is no difference.

Companies always charge more during the winter to cover added expenses is another false belief.  While every contractor will admit there are some expenses to take in consideration, the bulk of them remain the same.  The ones that due change are minor and relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  On the flip side, many companies raise prices in spring to compensate the loss of business in winter.  That is definitely something to consider.

Practices and workmanship take a dive in the winter due to harsh conditions.  This is completely false as any accredited contractor will tell you.  Contractors are prepared and plan for those harsh days.  If work can’t be done to 100%, then they will not work that day simply.  There are challenges at any time of the year, and at deciding on the right contractors ensures you will overcome them.


In short, what are you waiting for?  With no additional risk to concern, why not take advantage and move forward with your next project.