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Wrapping up 2015 Construction

The Good, The Bad, and .. well… mostly the GOOD. Summarizing the construction year of 2015 can be a bit tricky and long winded, but we will try our best. To start with the good.  The construction industry seems to be steadily bouncing back.  The economy is on the rise, more slowly in some areas...
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Construction over Winter

Does construction happen over winter ? ? ? Of course it does.  It happens in many phases… Preconstruction Planning This is the perfect time to get the idea mill going.  Many people wait til the end of summer or fall to start planning the process.  Why wait though?  Preliminary planning, blueprints, inspections, and more can...
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Construction Industry Trends

The world of construction is an ever evolving place.  Although it may not seem it to everyone, it is a fast paced environment, with new technology and trends around every corner.  There are some things to consider involving new construction industry trends when reviewing a contractor.   Going Green With the world around construction becoming...
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Choosing a contractor

With so many contractors out there, how do you choose the right one?  There are many factors to consider.  Most importantly, you want to find the right fit for your project and needs.   Experience – Experience is one of the most important factors.  Not just experience in general areas, but in the specific area...
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Meet RCM Builders, Inc.

What is RCM Builders, Inc.?   RCM Builders is dedicated to the service of our customers.  Built on the belief to work with you, not just for you;  the construction management team at RCM leads the way in customer satisfaction.  With many years experience,  RCM knows that speed doesn’t meant quality, and taking a deeper insight into...
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